Single Player APP


Single Player APP

To begin playing the single player app, click on the “1980s Retro” app to open it and then the start screen will appear. Then, hit the “start game” button and hit the “single play” option and then click “start”. The game will begin and a multiple choice question will appear consisting of one question and you will have four possible answer choices to pick from and 20 seconds to answer each question. Each question starts off with 1000 points, after every two seconds the amount of points that you can earn if you get the answer correct will decrease in increments of one hundred. For example, a question can ask, “Which actor played in the movie 21 Jump Street?” After you either choose an answer and get it right or wrong, or the time runs out, you will then click the “next question” button. After every ten questions, the round will end and it will tell you how many points you received from that round. If you get at least 5 out of 10 of the questions correct you will be able to play the bonus round which is 10 seconds long, and if you get the question correct you can receive 2000 points. Although, if you get all 10 out of 10 questions correct you will play the super bonus round which is 7 seconds long and if you get it right you will receive 5000 points.

There is about one thousand questions and every question is different and no question appears twice during the single player app. The single player feature is pretty cool because you can play at the airport, at home in your living room, at the doctors office, the grocery store, or wherever you are in the world on any of your Apple devices without the requirement of Wi-Fi connection and it has different intensity levels depending on the round which makes you want to continue playing. Also, if you wanted to challenge somebody you have multi group player function in which you can send a invitation through text and play against one another.


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