iPad Trivia Games

iPad Trivia Games

Ipad trivia games free at Honey Dee Games are innocent and fun for and adults.. Classic looking cartoon characters guide you through the game. These cartoon characters are innocent and funny with there facial expressions .What’s innovative about these game apps is that you can play them on a iPad. Who would ever think that you would be playing games with other people around the world with retro style looking characters.The technology world has changed and it’s constantly changing more . Free game apps are designed for players to download the game on their i Phone ,i Pad and then engage other players or just play single play. The intensity of these games is because you have to answer questions in 20 seconds and a bonus round is 10 seconds long. The super bonus round is seven seconds long. This type of challenge is fun for some players and stressful for other players. It’s a friendly environment because of the cartoon characters and their unique look that is classic there is no violence in these games there is only fun and excitement.


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