Trivia Game Challenge

Trivia Game Challenge

Trivia game challenge with single player or multi player is available on this 1980s retro trivia game. When you start your game a screen pops up asking you for single play, challenge a Friend. After you make your choice the first questions pops up. Each round is 20 seconds with a bonus round of 10 seconds and a super bonus round of 7 seconds. Player must get 10 questions answered correctly in a row to advance to the Super bonus round. Bonus round you just have to get more then half of the questions correct to advance. Points are in increments of 100 and bonus round can bring you 2000 points. Super bonus round which is very intense and you only have 7 seconds can bump you up 5,000 points if you answer correctly. The biggest challenge in this game is time. It’s all totally 80s culture.

Single Play, Challenge a Friend



If you love 80s culture, music,movies and one hit wonders then you will be intensely challenged in this game APP for your i Phone and i Pad.

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