Free Game Apps

Free Game Apps

Are more people trading their bad habits for a new addiction? Free Game Apps mostly played on the ever so popular iPhone, can be mentally stimulating.  Not sure that it’s the cure for a boring day but it might be a great choice for anxiety and overeating.  So look out, Weight Watchers and look out SSRI’s because along comes a new dopamine releasing product called Trivia apps.   If you don’t believe me, try playing one next time you’re sitting in the doctor’s office waiting room for an hour, and see if it takes your mind to a different and better place.  Or instead of being a couch potato and vegging, watching the same show on TV or Netflix over and over, try something that will stimulate your brain and increase your knowledge instead of wasting brain activity and overeating.

When you redirect your attention to games or apps with bright colors and retro cartoon characters that remind you of your childhood you may become more relaxed allowing your anxiety levels to lower.

I dare you to give a try next time you are waiting in the doctor’s office, airport, or waiting for your wife to get dressed for date night.

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