Friendly Cartoon Characters

Friendly Cartoon Characters

When I was a kid every Saturday morning was filled with family friendly cartoons, such as, Looney Tunes, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Porky the Pig.  Who knew “That’s all Folks” would literally mean that buy 2017 there would be no more of the Saturday morning filled, G rated, friendly cartoon character images!  My favorite was always Felix The Cat and Casper , my son loved Tom and Jerry. “The Adventures Of Professor Beetoven” which aired in 1985 on HBO.  By now hundreds of cartoon images that you had forgotten about existed are probably running through your mind.  There is one way we can bring these images back and it is through game apps, trivia game apps, texting, and so on. 
In a trivia game app nowadays its’ very cool to see these retro looking cartoon characters that are named Honey Dee the All-American girl, Bandee the cartoon raccoon, Katnap the cat that bright orange cat.These types of characters were very popular Wayback win in the 1940s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s they have an innocent look thats comical and most people just laugh when they look at that facial expression they have. 

Cartoon characters in a trivia game app how does that work? Well there in the background scenes there in the animation at the beginning of the game. It’s a new change to trivia games with some of the boring screens and not so vividly colored backgrounds that appear on the game. This is a bright colorful game with retro looking cartoon characters that  entertain children and adults as well.

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